The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the focus of the world to the immune system, the defensive mechanism of the body against disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and other species that we touch, eat and inhale every day. A safe lifestyle which is not smoking, consuming less to no alcohol, sleeping regularly, maintaining a nutritious diet, taking mild exercise on a daily basis, and reducing stress – lets our immune systems be in

“An Appeal for Shortened Working Hours for Medical Frontliners”

It’s always been challenging to be a health worker in terms of the working environment, responsibility, and time allowed to serve the best medical care for every patient in different medical fields. In this trying times battling with COVID-19, the pressure and deal were intense for every health worker. Through this, it’s important for them to get enough rest to work efficiently. As one of the steps to curb the

“Ben & Ben: Seeing a Face of Hope in Unprecedented Times”

In these uncertain times, it’s challenging to be positive and be assured that everything will be okay soon. It’s a deal to be strong and steadfast with this pandemic crisis in order to overcome a lot of things. Knowing this, the Filipino band, Ben & Ben has set a new perspective in times like this. They shared that hope has become too difficult to locate, as in our houses, schools,

“A Man Crack on Sirens, Blinkers and Fake documents that made Him put to Jail”

All Quarantine Control Points (QCP) established by the Local Government Units must be overseen by the Philippine National Police to ensure uniform implementation of the prescribed Enhanced Community Quarantine Enforcement Guideline. Following instructions from PNP Chief, Police General Archie Francisco F Gamboa, a memorandum was circulated by Police Major General Emmanuel Luis D Licup, PNP Director for Operations, to all Regional Police Directors, ordering PNP Unit Commanders and Police Chiefs

“COVID-yantes: Filipino Comedians Supporting Frontliners to the Next Level ”

Filipinos are known for being positive and resilient when facing challenges. From natural disasters like typhoon, earthquake and many more difficulties, Filipinos will always show their happy face through their genuine smiles because they know that brighter days are coming. There are many Filipino comedians who bring laughter, inspiration, and happiness to the viewers whenever they air their respective shows on Philippine television. These people can’t deny the challenge everyone

“The Underlying Cause of the Beauty of Manila Bay During Enhanced Community Quarantine”

Manila Bay is also listed as one of the world’s best nature reserves. To see Manila’s bright lights, discover it on foot or by boat. Come here for a peaceful getaway away from the city center’s bustle. The bay is protected from the weather, ensuring that all 770 square miles (2,000 square kilometers) remain relatively shallow and avoid significant shifts in the tidal environment. Take a sailing trip around the

“The Potential Drugs for COVID-19 Treatment are Rising as Researchers Go Further with Experiments”

So far, there are two drugs who are potentially being tested for possible treatment of the pandemic COVID-19. This made President Rodrigo duterte join the countries that will be able to get the right treatment/vaccine to beat the virus. In fact, President Rodrigo Duterte wanted to explore more of an anti-flu drug with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that is thought to be successful against COVID-19 from Japan. At the

“A Support of Distribution to Strengthen the Way of Living”

In these trying times, Filipino farmers are in need of support to monetize and distribute their crops. The effect of Enhanced Community Quarantine has set its move to deliver tons of vegetables in various parts of Manila. In fact, twenty-five tons of upland vegetables were donated to indigent Manila families from Tublay and other municipalities in Benguet. This was made possible by Caritas Manila, who recently brought them to Pandacan

“Bayanihan Musikahan: Bridging Music to Help in Unprecedented Times”

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. – Plato This quote is a good reflection on how music can affect the lives of every people in good times and bad times. It brings ease to the ones listening to it. As for Filipinos, music is life to them. It’s one way of expressing emotions, hope, strength, and cheer.

303 Chinese tourists under Boracay surveillance

More than 300 Chinese tourists currently checked into various Boracay resorts on Thursday were monitored as a precautionary measure against the spread of the novel coronavirus (nCoV), according to the Malay Task Force Against 2019 -nCoV. Barangay Emergency Health Response Teams are on the lookout as hotels and resorts are provided with guidelines for handling tourists under surveillance. None of the Chinese nationals under surveillance showed symptoms such as fever,