NOW Telecom

The National Telecommunications Commission ( NTC) has extended the provisional authority to build, run, and maintain a nationwide mobile telecommunications system to NOW Telecom Company, Inc., the telecommunications subsidiary of NOW Corporation. Under the NTC order, the PA is subject to the injection of additional capital of at least P1.9 billion based on the first two years of capital expenditure of P6.3 billion in the rollout plan submitted and the

Major Tech Cables

The promises of a faster and more secure network by Dito Tele community may face a new problem after a proposed underwater cable project, crucial to the start of the new telco player entry, has been dropped due to cyber security concerns. Facebook Inc. and Google reportedly scrapped plans to connect the US and Hong Kong via an underwater cable, and Glen Imbang, a professor at the University of the

This image is about PHIVOLCS launches

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) unveiled a website application that calculates the risk of tsunami in a region. On November 5, World Tsunami Awareness Day, the GeoAnalyticsPH was launched. Presented by GeoRisk Philippines ‘ Mabelline Cahulogan, the website provides summary reports of the barangay, municipal and provincial tsunami exposure levels across the country. The app estimates the population of the region exposed to tsunami threats, as well

This image is about Twitter Tech Tools

Twitter‘s software tools removed one in two tweets containing offensive content posted in the first half of this year, said Thursday, in the wake of appeals to the US social media company and its peers to do more to address the issue. Over the last few months, Silicon Valley tech companies have dedicated themselves to tightening up the rules and sharing more data on offensive content posted on their sites

This image is about Samsung Electronics Q3 2019

Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest mobile and memory chip manufacturer, saw net profits fall by more than half in the third quarter, it said Thursday, October 31, in the midst of a continuing global chip market downturn. Net profits were 6.29 trillion won ($5.40 billion) in the three months to June, it said in a statement— down 52 percent year-on-year.”Memory Business earnings slowed substantially year-on-year as memory chip prices continued

This image is about Instagram bans

A ban on photos that could encourage suicide or self-harm, adding sketches and other fictional material to the list, was ramped up by fresh rules in place. After a British teen who went online to read about suicide took her own life, the Facebook-owned photo and video sharing site clamped down on self-injury pictures earlier this year. Instagram has never permitted posts promoting or encouraging self-harm or suicide. With the

This image is about PHIVOLCS

The volcano that gave rise to the Apolaki caldera, the largest in the world, does not pose a danger of eruption, said PHIVOLCS manager Renato Solidum. According to Chino Gaston, Solidum stated that the volcano erupted millions of years ago. Recently, the marine geophysicist Jenny Anne Barretto of Pinay and a group of two scientists discovered the Apolaki caldera in Benham Rise. The US Geological Survey (USGS) describes the caldera

This image is about Chinese snooping tech spreads

As hundreds of video cameras began appearing in the streets of Belgrade as part of a major surveillance program with the ability to identify and monitor individuals, many demonstrators began to have second thoughts about joining anti-government protests in the Serbian capital. Local authorities say that the system created by Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications company, helps to reduce crime by 2 million in the region. Critics argue that it erodes

This image is about sea turtles in remote Panama

Iver Valencia goes out to stroll a stretch of Panamanian beach at dusk every night during the nesting season with a group of lantern-wielding villagers. Their mission: to find nests where Kemp’s ridley sea turtles endangered lay their eggs and bring them to a predator-safe hatchery. On the latest night, Valencia and the others discovered five nests with dozens of eggs in the distant Darien province in southeastern Panama. Valencia,

this image is about Hangovers of German court regulations

A German tribunal ruled that hangovers are a “disease,” in a timely judgment days after the start of the annual Munich Oktoberfest beer festival. The case landed in Frankfurt before the courts when the plaintiffs claimed that a company providing anti-hangover “shots” and drinking powders to blend with water made illegal allegations about health. Information on a food product can not attribute any characteristics to prevent, treat or cure a