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South China Sea

While China called on the U.S. for meddling in the territorial conflict over the South China Sea, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Teodoro Locsin Jr. said the involvement of Western influence in the Philippines benefits country. According to  Locsin, it helps the interests of the Philippines that we have a U.S. presence in the region, I said so very clearly. It’s the same as Great Britain’s position on the European coast

Michael Pacquiao

While he’s the son of boxing hero and Senator Manny Pacquiao, up-and-coming rapper Michael Pacquiao has revealed that he wants to prove he can make a name for himself. Michael Pacquiao recently surprised us with his rapping talent when he performed his “Hate” song for Wish 107.5 radio station. The video, uploaded to YouTube, has received nearly nine million views, from this writing. He shared that He honestly wanted to

President Rodrigo Duterte

For President Rodrigo Duterte, the expectation of a return to normal depends on the creation and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines. In his speeches, Duterte frequently challenged Filipinos to endure coronavirus restrictions as he pinned the nation’s hopes on a vaccine that would help end the pandemic. In a speech, Duterte welcomed Russia’s offer for clinical trials of coronavirus vaccine and offered to be injected as a gesture of appreciation and

Worst Economic Recession Amid COVID19”

The Philippines officially entered the recession in the second quarter, an expected economic collapse caused by a pandemic that went beyond government control, with the country likely to become Southeast Asia’s coronavirus hotspot. Gross domestic product (GDP) plunged 16.5 percent year-on-year from April to June, slipping deeper into recession following a revised 0.7 percent drop in the first quarter, as announced by the Philippine Statistics Authority early Thursday. Deep dive


President Rodrigo Duterte received mixed ratings from lawmakers over the response of his administration to the pandemic of coronavirus disease. Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate said Duterte should get a failed comment about the government’s failure to control the viral disease transmission. Zarate said Duterte could not blame other government offices and officials for treating the pandemic problem as a joke, because the buck stops with him. The president rating

Isko Moreno

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has turned over P100,000 in tax credit certificates to owners of hotels, motels, dormitories, and apartments who offered free accommodation for medical frontline staff based in the capital city. Isko Moreno stated that the tax credit is a “token of appreciation” for the services given by hotel owners to health workers who have risked their lives to treat patients infected with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the

Lagundi as a Supplemental Treatment for COVID-19

By August 1, the Philippines will begin its clinical trials on Lagundi as an additional therapy for patients with coronavirus disease (COVID-19)  The experiments have also been licensed by the University of the Philippines Scientific Ethics Board, according to the Science and Technology Secretary Fortunato Dela Peña.  The aim of the study, which will begin on or before August 1 when the FDA clearance is released, is to show whether

Higher Profiles Die from COVID-19 in Jail”

Eight other high profile Current Bilibid Jail prisoners have suffered from COVID-19, sources reported. The detainees or persons deprived of liberty (PDL) are among the 66 occupants of Building 14, the highest-secured facility within the Maximum Security Compound of Bilibid. It holds high-profile criminals, the bulk of which are alleged drug traffickers. Among the eight, six are Chinese and the remaining two are Philippine drug lords. Three of the eight


The Philippine Lung Center in Quezon City has hit the maximum range of intensive care unit ( ICU) beds dedicated to serious and critical cases of the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The beds and wings of the ICU have come to full capacity. For these patients, we dedicated a lot of beds because the Lung Center is a referral facility for serious and critical cases, which is why we reserved


While legal threats to the Anti-Terrorism Act escalated, President Rodrigo Duterte justified the contentious act, claiming it was not meant for law-abiding civilians but for communist insurgents and militant organizations blamed for bombings, mainly in Mindanao. He said perhaps they are a special species, democratic insurgents who have been battling the government for over 50 years and engaging in on-and-off negotiations. Duterte said that the communist rebels were terrorists. Shortly