‘Bagyo babies’: Dumagat siblings born during Ondoy, Ulysses

MANILA, Philippines — In Sitio Katwiran, Barangay San Rafael, Rodriguez, a pair of siblings who are part of the Dumagat tribe share an extraordinary circumstance: they were both born during the onslaught of two powerful storms.

In a video and corresponding report by Radyo INQUIRER, it showed a family temporarily staying in a tent after their shanty was ravaged by Typhoon Ulysses.

The mother, however, had just given birth to a baby girl during the onslaught of the typhoon. The baby was named Eunice, inspired by Ulysses.

Coincidentally, the baby’s brother, Andoy, was born in 2009 when Tropical Storm Ondoy inundated Luzon, including Metro Manila.

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