“Word of Wisdom: Angel Locsin Admits Earlier Cheating, Goes on to Tell Fellow Women: Its Not Your Fault Your Men Treat on You”


Angel Locsin gave words of wisdom to women who faced infidelity. The actress and activist opened up how she dealt with her experience as an unfaithful spouse in the vlog of writer G3 San Diego.

She refused to name who was that partner though. San Diego talked about adultery while discussing the telescope “The Legal Wife,” where Monica’s character suffers because of a third party in her marriageWhen. asked how to trick someone as glamorous and sexy as the actress. It has nothing to do with looks. Many people blame themselves when they’re cheated on but that’s wrong. Women need to realize that that behavior is not your fault. It isn’t your fault if the other [person] has a bad attitude. It’s not your fault if they don’t have loyalty.

She’ll explain that it’s true knowing there are two parties involved in a problem but the crime is just one guy. If it’s wrong, so that’s always wrong. Many people get confused and think that maybe it’s like this, it’s their fault that’s why a man lied.

She acknowledged that the pain of her art motivated her and she was given an acting award because of it. Locsin added that the unpleasant task of choosing the right person gets washed away. Neil Arce his fiance for her. When you find the person that’s meant for you, you’ll realize that what you’ve been through and cried about was so small.

When asked about COVID-19Angel Locsin reminded the government that COVID-19, not health workers is the enemy after they have been criticized by President Rodrigo Duterte for speaking out publicly about their plight. Locsin then pointed out that the health workers need support instead of terror.

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