Who are most psychologically healthy?

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A recent study conducted by the health maintenance organization PhilCare showed that the most ‘ psychologically well ‘ are Filipinos who work for the government or those who are self-employed compared to the rest of the country’s workforce.

The study was dubbed the 2nd PhilCare Wellness Survey, reflecting 460 working respondents ‘ mental well-being. This appears to be the only national research evaluating Filipinos ‘ perceived health and well-being.

This followed a seven-point scale where respondents chose from the answers: “quite better, good, somewhat good, neither good nor poor, slightly bad, bad, and very bad.” “The study reported that among the 460 respondents working, government employees and those self-employed were deemed to have” healthy “psychological well-being, with scores of 1.98 and 2.08, respectively.

Other Filipinos employed such as those in private companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and NGOs scored 2.80, 3.02, and 2.87, respectively. This meant they had a level of psychological well-being “something positive.” Lower scores resulted in lower levels of stress.

Some of the questions asked to respondents included stress factors, lack of sleep, and time pressures.

The study also measured physical, nutritional, medical, lifestyle, and financial well-being in addition to evaluating psychological well-being. The study also studied Filipinos ‘ gender, tension, vices, and health practices.

According to a press release, Jaeger L. Tanco, Chairman and CEO of PhilCare, said the survey results were very useful in helping the health sector build initiatives that meet Filipinos ‘ needs, which in turn will help them achieve a better state of well-being.

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