Veteran Filipino actor Eddie Garcia remains in critical condition

Eddie Garcia

Filipino actor Eddie Garcia, 90, remains in critical condition at Manila’s Makati Medical Center rendering to a widely circulated release from the hospital.

The new statement, signed by Dr Artemio Cabrera Salvador, states he is showing signs of “minimal brain activity” and “remains dependent on the ventilator to breathe” as well as “medications to support his blood pressure”.

The actor has been in hospital for 10 days now, and was primarily rushed to Mary Johnson hospital on June 8 after tripping on a cable while filming television show Rosang Agimat. Early reports suggested that he had suffered a heart attack, but it was later clarified that he had fractured his neck (cervical spine).

The actor’s spokesman told Filipino news site that he is in “very, very critical” condition.

Garcia has been given dozens of film awards and is much beloved in the Philippines. He is often called “the greatest Filipino actor of all time”, having worked in cinema and television for 70 continuous years.

Garcia told Esquire last year that he never actually wanted to be an actor, and that “he always dreamed of being a soldier”. But what a career he has made. Early in his acting life, in the time of black and white films, he was a villain, but he managed to transform himself into a leading man after a few decades of being the bad guy.

While he’s known for his quick sense of humor and the fact he’s kept fit well until his later life, he is famously private about his personal affairs, and is widely considered to live a fairly simple existence.

One of his most notable performances: 2012’s Oscar entry from the Philippines, Bwakaw. The incredibly emotional film charts the loneliness of a man’s last years.

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