Vape Updates: Many Pinoys abroad is against the results of medical research

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Many Filipinos abroad turn to vape amid results from clinical studies showing that the convenient, “clean” alternative to cigarettes has adverse effects on consumers in attempts to quench their cigarette smoking habits.

Randolf Francisco, 28, in Salmiya, Kuwait, a support crew told in an interview that he did not get sick, except for common diseases, after he switched to vaping.

Ransel Ladera, 36, a dining worker in a casino hotel in Macau, Japan, is also the co-owner of the “Vapouria Vape Hauz” vape store.

Yet OFWs should also refrain from vaping, the president of the Tobacco and Air Pollution Control Council (CCTA) and a member of the Philippine College of Chest Physicians (PCCP) said.

There’s no such thing as “less cancer” or “mild cancer.” It’s like deciding to leap from the 10th floor of a building or on its 5th floor because the outcome is the same in the end,” said Dr. Glynna Ong-Cabrera, who also practices at the Philippine Lung Center (LCP) and Capitol Medical Center (CMC) in an email interview with GMA News Online late October.

He also found out that vapes, also known as the electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS), may also contribute to obliterate bronchiolitis or popcorn lungs, lipoid pneumonia, and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

It can also cause inflammation and a form of tissue damage, also known as oxidative stress, which affects the health of the blood vessel.

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