“UP Professor Sees “DITO” Breaking Promises Under Pressure with Major Tech Cables”

Major Tech Cables

The promises of a faster and more secure network by Dito Tele community may face a new problem after a proposed underwater cable project, crucial to the start of the new telco player entry, has been dropped due to cyber security concerns.

Facebook Inc. and Google reportedly scrapped plans to connect the US and Hong Kong via an underwater cable, and Glen Imbang, a professor at the University of the Philippines, said the decision posed a problem for the Dennis Uy-led telco.

This is because the cables allow data to be transmitted from different parts of the world and will traverse the Philippines and Taiwan. The proposal was withdrawn by the Major Tech giants following the Trump administration’s fears that China may use the cables to gather information about Americans.

Dito’s Chief Administrative Officer, Adel Tamano, did not respond to a request for comment. There were also other Dito officials who could not be reached immediately.

But Imbang disagreed with William Emmanuel Yu, a network security analyst at Ateneo de Manila University, who sought comment that he doesn’t believe it’s going to have an effect or big impact. Indeed, the tech giants are not completely abandoning their linkage project, and according to a Bloomberg report of last August 29, they have in fact submitted a new one which is very much in line with the original plan but excluding Pacific Light Data Communication Co. based in Hong Kong, which is supposed to be a partner of the company.

As it is, Dito has already requested a six-month postponement of its technical launch, during which the government would verify that the telco company can meet its mandated speed and coverage. The Uy-chaired telco committed in its first year to deliver a minimum speed of 27 Mbps with network coverage of 37 percent. Making people set their attention to this new telecom.

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