Two Thai Navy frigates now in Manila for a goodwill visit

navy frigates

2 Thailand frigates – the HTMS (His Thai Majesty’s Ship) Naresuan (FFG-421) and then Bangpakong (FFG-456) – reached Pier fifteen, South Harbor, Manila on Friday, March 29, 2019, for a four-day goodwill visit to the country. The Thai delegation is directed by the Deputy Commander of Royal Thai Naval Academy , Rear Adm. Chanint Phadungkiat. A part of the visiting contingent is the RTN Cadet Cruise Training Unit, which can be consisted of more than 500 naval cadets.

The customary practice that the Philippine Navy (PN) renders to all of the visiting navies began with a PN vessel, BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PF16), meeting the RTN vessels at the vicinity of Corregidor Island and then subsequently escorted them to the berthing area. PN delegates directed by the Commander of Naval Combat Engineering Brigade, Commo. Alberto B. Carlos and then accorded the visiting navy a welcome ceremony followed by a presser and then port briefing related to health and security and safety aboard one of RTN vessels.

In his statement, Commo. Carlos warmly welcomed the RTN delegation and then pointed out the significance of the visit. “The arrival of our Royal Thai Navy counterparts underscores the continual efforts to further strengthen the relationship between our governments and navies. This will likely further enhance and then sustain the promotion of peace, stability, and then maritime cooperation through naval diplomacy,” Carlos said. “This visit transforms into sustainment of already strong a friendly relationship between the Philippines and its ASEAN partner navy which also amazing benefits both armed forces.

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