Twitter Tech Tools will delete one in two abusive tweets in the first half of 2019

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Twitter‘s software tools removed one in two tweets containing offensive content posted in the first half of this year, said Thursday, in the wake of appeals to the US social media company and its peers to do more to address the issue.

Over the last few months, Silicon Valley tech companies have dedicated themselves to tightening up the rules and sharing more data on offensive content posted on their sites to prevent further heavy regulatory action on both sides of the Atlantic.

In its transparency report, Twitter reported that it was investing in innovative technology to reduce the burden on people reporting offensive content to the company.

The report came a day after Twitter said it would ban political advertisements on its site next month, as peers, including Facebook Inc, are also under pressure to stop advertising that spreads false information that might lead to elections.

The report noted a 105% increase in the accounts locked or suspended for violating its rules during the six-month period.

There was a 48 percent increase in accounts reported as a potential violation of Twitter’s hateful conduct policies, while 115,861 accounts were suspended due to terrorist content, down 30 percent from the previous year.

The organization also issued 67 percent more applications for the removal of content from 49 countries, 80 percent of which came from Japan, Russia, and Turkey.

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