Trump’s doctor dismisses speculation of chest pain

This image is about Donald Trump's physician issued a report on the health of the U.S. president

After a routine, scheduled check-up, Donald Trump‘s physician issued a report on the health of the U.S. president Monday, stating he had not experienced chest pain contrary to some claims.

Trump, 73, spent just over an hour at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington on Saturday having examinations, tests and consultations, presidential doctor Sean Conley said in a White House statement.

Amid some of the rumors, the president had no chest pain, nor was he diagnosed or treated for any immediate or acute conditions, said Conley.

In addition, he has not undergone any advanced cardiovascular or neurological tests.

Several news from Washington indicated the check-up was unplanned and caused by Trump’s chest discomfort.

The trip was kept off the record due to scheduling issues, Conley said in the statement, adding details of the tests of the president’s cholesterol.

Conley proclaimed him to be in very good health at Trump’s last regular review in February. Trump, who puzzled health experts with his penchant for junk food and avoiding heavy exercise, then weighed 243 pounds (110 kg).

On Saturday, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said Trump took advantage of a free weekend to complete parts of his annual physical until a very busy 2020 while facing a tough re-election race.

The then-chief doctor of Trump, Ronny Jackson, held an exceptionally comprehensive press conference in 2018 in which he proclaimed Trump to have incredibly good genes.

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