To use Robredo as a scapegoat ; to threaten another tactic of diversion — De Lima

Leila De Lima

Opposition Senator Leila de Lima accused the administration using Vice President as a “scapegoat” and the threat of impeachment against her as a “diversionary tactic” to cover up the guilt of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The former senator said that presidential anti-corruption commissioner Manuelito Luna was only attempting to gain the president’s brownie points when he (Luna) issued the impeachment threat against Robredo.

Calling for the Vice President’s impeachment is also a distraction from the true accountability that President Duterte must respond to.

De Lima lamented the Duterte regime’s use of the Robredo as an simple scapegoat for the flagrant inability of the government to maintain human rights and the rule of law in its overall war on drugs.

She stated that the Duterte government is once again scrambling for a scapegoat because of its absence of dedication to upholding human rights, because the world has spoken again. VP Leni is on this filthy trick’s receiving end.

In a declaration, Luna said Robredo might face impeachment to support the scheduled probe of the United Nations Human Rights Council in the war on drugs by the Philippine government.

Luna asserted that the alleged depiction of the administration by Robredo as guilty of violations of human rights is a betrayal of public trust.

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