Thunder GM Presti: George trade does not wish to be “mutual”


Paul George described his departure from Oklahoma City as a shared departure from the Thunder, with a characterization general manager Sam Presti taking umbrage.

George stated that the Thunder worked hand in hand to work out a shared thing between us both that the time was up and we both had different thoughts about doing stuff.

According to accounts, Leonard held the Toronto Raptors and Los Angeles Lakers on hold during the courting period of the free agency while attempting to persuade George to request a trade to unite the two with the Clippers.

The chance for the Thunder was not completely one-sided, but a one-year loss of an All-Star in a landmark agreement for the small-market team left a mark that Presti expects will not cure fast. In addition, Commissioner Adam Silver decried star players forcing them out of town with time left on their agreements.

A similar circumstance occurred in New Orleans, where the Pelicans gave up on Anthony Davis, shipping the All-Star center to the Lakers for a set of draft picks and veteran players.

Trading George initiated a discussion with All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook, traded for Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets and extra draft compensation. Westbrook spent with the Thunder his entire NBA career.

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