“The Unreadiness of the Philippines over COVID-19 Affects the Number of Rising Patients & Facilities”

Philippines over COVID-19

The chief implementer of the national task force COVID-19 Article. Carlito Galvez Jr. admitted on Thursday that prior to the pandemic, the country could not prepare and invest in its health facilities. Galvez added that there are other variables that came into play which is why the situation of the country should not be contrasted with the COVID-19 response of other countries.

They see that they were unable, as a country, to plan the health facilities. They will not invest in health care facilities as a country. If they look at geographic regions, for example in Region 4A, there are hardly any level 3 hospitals. This is why it is overloaded because the capacity-building planning was expected to take place three to four administrations ago.

When hospitals continue running out of beds for COVID-19 patients, the Department of Health ( DOH) has cautioned that the country’s health system is close to being overwhelmed. What was a little harsh they found here was people’s behavioral culture. They say that among our obstacles and difficulties were several violations.

As the world economy experienced a contraction, Galvez stated that many Filipino workers (OFW) from overseas were returning to the country Amid concerns in the pandemic response of the government, Malacañang stated that there would be “huge improvements” in its efforts, including “significant” monitoring, “reintegrated” touch tracking, and more isolation facilities.

Here’s what’s alarming, as of Wednesday afternoon, the Philippines have exceeded the COVID-19 cases in China with 85,486 infections. One thousand nine hundred sixty-two people have died so far and another 26,996 have recovered.

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