“The Potential Drugs for COVID-19 Treatment are Rising as Researchers Go Further with Experiments”

“The Potential Drugs for COVID-19 Treatment are Rising as Researchers Go Further with Experiments”

So far, there are two drugs who are potentially being tested for possible treatment of the pandemic COVID-19. This made President Rodrigo duterte join the countries that will be able to get the right treatment/vaccine to beat the virus.

In fact, President Rodrigo Duterte wanted to explore more of an anti-flu drug with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that is thought to be successful against COVID-19 from Japan.

At the virtual ASEAN Plus Three Summit on COVID-19, Duterte expressed the Philippines’ readiness to engage in clinical trials for the anti-flu drug Avigan.

Avigan is the brand name for the favipiravir anti-influenza drug. It is among the drugs being studied globally as a COVID-19 therapy.

Chloroquine, which was created to cure malaria, is another medication that has shown promise.

Abe has noted that there are over 50 countries involved in researching Avigan, according to Nograles, who also participated in the virtual summit.

Another study was from US government scientists in a small experiment involving monkeys, the experimental antiviral drug remdesivir has proven successful against COVID-19.

The research, which is experimental and has not yet been peer-reviewed, was planned to implement dosing and treatment protocols that were used in a large clinical trial for hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

It included two groups of six macaques with rhesus who were intentionally contaminated with SARS-CoV-2.

From these arising medicines, may the talented researchers be able to produce and discover the best treatment that will benefit all of the patients around the world.

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