“The Philippines Is Investigating 57 People Of Interest In The Wirecard Scandal”


The Philippines authorities are investigating 57 international and local interest persons who could be involved in a scam at German payment company Wirecard AG, an official at the anti-money laundering agency in the country said Friday.

Even before Wirecard made headlines for the missing billions, the financial services business was already in hot water. Wirecard AG, a public company listed on the German stock exchange (DAX), became the focus of the 2019 Financial Times tale of money laundering.

The Southeast Asian nation got entangled in Wirecard’s collapse in June, with the payments firm initially saying it held $2.1 billion in two Philippine banks, refuted by the central bank and the lenders. The people were included in a report sent to the National Investigation Bureau, Mel Georgie Racela, executive director of the Anti-Money Laundering Council of the Philippines (AMLC), told a virtual news conference. The list includes officers at Philippine lenders BDO Unibank Inc and the Philippine Islands Bank suspected to have forged documents to prove that Wirecard is a deposit adding that the banks were not part of the investigation anymore.

Furthermore, immigration staff who were said to have produced fake entry and exit details about the former chief operating officer of Wirecard are among the persons of interest, Racela said. The Immigration Bureau did not respond to a request for comment. According to Racela, they will now build up the case after we organize, and file the requisite complaint, adding that not all of the 57 will face criminal charges.

This month German lawmakers initiated a parliamentary investigation into the implosion of Wirecard, the biggest corporate fraud in the country after the war. As it pursues a lawsuit against foreigners, the AMLC is collaborating with the German authorities.

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