The PAO chief claims accusations of corruption were intended to destroy the Dengvaxia case

dengue 2

The head of the Office of the Public Attorney said Friday that allegations of corruption against her were intended to hurt the cases her department lodged over the fatalities of several kids supposedly caused by Dengvaxia dengue vaccine.

A demonstration by unnamed PAO attorneys accused their boss Persida Rueda-Acosta of using office supplies purchase orders to acquire additional funds for their organization.

Also accused of using PAO funds for coffins, shirts and tarpaulins used in anti-Dengvaxia rallies were Acosta and her forensic chief Dr.

Erwin Erfe.The government halted Dengvaxia’s sale in late 2017 and its use in schoolchildren’s immunization after its manufacturer warned that the medication could cause more serious symptoms if given to those without the mosquito-borne disease.

On Thursday, some 100 PAO attorneys denied that they were behind the demonstration demanding the suspension of Acosta, she said.

PAO, she added, receives most of its supplies from the department of the budget.

Acosta challenged lawyer Wilfredo Garrido Jr. to demonstrate the accusations of corruption or risk disbarment, who lodged the demonstration against her.

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