The Black Nazarene Festival: Duterte urges the Filipinos to be compassionate, to lead the nation to greater progress

This image is about Duterte gives Lapu-Lapu order to six soldiers

President Rodrigo Duterte called on the Filipinos to be both supportive and helpful in ensuring a better future for the country.

Duterte made a statement as he joined the Catholics in the celebration of the Black Nazarene Day.

For generations, this dedication to the Nazarene, which achieves its highest expression in the annual Translation, continues to reinforce filipinos’ faith in times of court.

Every year, millions of people gather for Traslacion, risking their lives and limbs to display their faith in the procession, where devotees hold a replica of the image of a cross-bearing Jesus Christ believed to be miraculous.

The legends of conversion and the events surrounding this important event testify to the richness of Filipinos’ religious and cultural heritage.

The President said he hoped that the opportunity would encourage the Filipinos to lead our country towards greater development, where everyone has equal opportunities for a better quality of life.

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