The baler resort is both trendy and laid-back with container buses

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It’s just a few hours from Manila, accessible by bus or private car, but Baler’s town takes you away from city life’s hustle and bustle.

And if you’re a tourist, there’s everything you need— from historic landmarks, beautiful nature trails (including a 600-year-old Balete tree) to waves plentiful for surfing or swimming.

The seaside town has grown tremendously in a period of just a few years with an extensive selection of dining and lodging options that cater to a wide range of tourists and their budgets.

While most would choose to lodge on the beachside, the laid-back environment of Baler is most exemplified by the alleys and streets at the back of the beach.

In one of those streets, Cube Baler is situated. Just a 5-minute walk from the beach (guests are provided with shuttle service to Sabay beach), this property is one of Baler’s newest resorts and has been built to be modern and chic, using prefabricated container vans for its 80 rooms.

Rooms are much wider than container housing’s normal widths — more of a square than a rectangle. These rooms, constructed in 2-bed or 3-bed configurations (there are also dorm rooms with two bunk beds for 4 persons) are advertised for either a barkada, a friend, or a company outing.

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