Tanauan residents allowed items to be fed within the danger zone for 1 hour

Tanauan residents

Some Tanauan City residents in Batangas were briefly allowed to enter the 14-kilometer permanent danger zone on Saturday after calling on local authorities to get their belongings and feed their cattle.

According to a Balitanghali Weekend article by Darlene Cay, the authorities allocated an hour to some residents to reach the 14-kilometer danger zone after 6 a.m.

This was after residents arrived continuously at checkpoints from dawn until sunrise, begging them to be allowed back to their homes.

Some even went mentally, with one furious resident claiming that while they may not have died as a result of Taal Volcano’s eruption, they are dying slowly due to the situation.

So authorities allowed residents to enter despite Tanauan Mayor Sweet Halili’s order.

They have been asked at checkpoints for their IDs and will be employed by barangay officials if they fail to leave within the time allotted.

The local government unit of Tanauan will hold an emergency meeting to discuss their next action plan, as authorities have not given Halili’s permission for residents.

But at 10 a.m., in compliance with Halili’s order, authorities stopped allowing people to reach the perimeter, except for barangay officials, to roam around and check their jurisdictions from Saturday midnight to Sunday midnight.

Several barangay officers had little time to evacuate their families and belongings as they had to speak to their constituents.

A lockdown was set up in 21 barangays in Batangas on Friday noon that is covered by the permanent hazard zone of 14 kilometers. Eight checkpoints were established in the city of Tanauan.

A list of barangays vulnerable to the effects of a magmatic eruption of Taal Volcano was published by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology Several barangays are in the city of Tanauan.

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