Taking sides? Bela Padilla, the best friend of Dani Barretto, describes Bea’s supper

bela padilla

Bela Padilla shared that after being photographed having lunch with Bea Alonzo, a day after new claims of Gerald Anderson having an affair with Julia Barretto surfaced, she got a slew of “super hateful” remarks.

Padilla, known as Julia’s sister Dani’s best friend, disclosed that supporters were fast taking the picture out of context and assuming she took Alonzo’s side in the debate.

It was rumored that while they were still in a partnership, Anderson cheated Alonzo with Julia. To deny this speculation, which was based on Alonzo’s social media activity hinting about infidelity, it took Anderson and Julia more than a week.

She insisted that the lunch was solely professional (“compulsory” for performers from Dreamscape who was at the trade show that week) and rejected that she followed Julia straight afterwards on social media.

Padilla explained that she removed Julia from her Instagram feed last year as she underwent a social media cleanse that saw her move from a 4,000 to 2,000 Instagram follow-up list.

She disclosed that she had unfollowed several industry friends and was effectively planning to empty her list entirely, if not for her now busy timetable, which would prevent her from doing so.

She concluded her response on the subject by stating the dinner was “not an attack on someone. It was literally just a lunch.

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