President Donald Trump


Three women accused Wednesday of sexual misconduct a U.S. ambassador nominated by President Donald Trump who gave key testimony in his impeachment hearings. To Trump’s ally admits that Ukraine’s aid was tied to Biden’s investigation Gordon Sondland, the U.S. envoy to the European Union, denied the allegations, with his lawyer claiming that the accusers tried to discredit his credibility in the investigation Watergate echoes as the testimony of Trump’s lieutenant

President Donald Trump

Attorneys from the Justice Department requested the complete 2nd U.S. on Friday. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan to determine whether an appeals panel of three judges erred in ruling he could not. They said the situation has significant consequences for government officials who are increasingly using social media, especially on private social media accounts. “If the committee is right, government authorities who deal with issues pertaining to their private

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U.S. According to an inner document received by Reuters on Tuesday, President Donald Trump’s administration intends to divert more than $40 million in humanitarian aid to Central America to promote the U.S.-backed opposition in Venezuela. The $41.9 million was earmarked for Guatemala and Honduras, two of the three Central American countries at the core of a migration crisis in which thousands of individuals escaped poverty, violence and corruption and tried