NBA season

This image is about Celtic’s Hayward

The team announced that the next 6 weeks of the NBA season will miss Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward with a broken left hand after surgery on Monday, November 11. Hayward underwent the New York operation to repair his ring finger, which was broken in the 135-115 victory over San Antonio by Boston on Saturday. When Hayward stays down for a full 6 weeks, he will miss 19 Celtics games

Kawhi Leonard

The “Board Man” contains decided. Kawhi Leonard will likely be teaming up with Paul George the next NBA season with the Los Angeles Clippers, in accordance with league sources. ESPN Senior citizen NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski has confirmed Friday night that Leonard agreed upon with the Clippers while the Oklahoma City Thunder traded in George for a record-setting number of draft choices. “Kawhi Leonard has been seen recruiting Paul George