Tito Sotto

Vicente “Tito” Sotto III Senate President of the Philippines on Thursday stated that Malacañang and several tagged in the hypothetical oust-Duterte matrix should have not made a big deal out of a “piece of paper.” “You can come up with any matrix that you want. It’s a piece of paper, it does not mean a thing. Pinapatulan kasi (It’s being made a big deal). You should have dismissed it e,”

Philippine journalist Maria Ressa telephone calls her detention a 'travesty of justice'

An outspoken Philippine journalist who was for a brief time detained previous week says the country’s case against her is “ludicrous” and then “unconstitutional .”  “They’re implementing a law retroactively . It is unconstitutional ,” Ressa said . “And that is a part of what is surprising about all of this .” Ressa said she motivates journalists around the world to “hold the line .” “Every precious time you enable