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Vietnam called for the instant withdrawal of a Chinese ship in the South China Sea as the standoff on the disputed waters worsened. Last week, Beijing released a fresh call for Hanoi to respect its resource-rich region claims— historically challenged by Vietnam as well as Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. Hanoi reacted by stating it had sent several emails to Beijing demanding that a Chinese survey ship vacate its

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Britain was weighing its next movements in the Gulf tanker crisis with few excellent alternatives emerging as a record indicating that the Iranian military defied a British warship when it boarded and captured a ship three days earlier. The office of Prime Minister Theresa May said she would chair a session of the UK’s COBR emergency reaction committee to address the crisis. Britain has provided little idea as to how

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The Philippine government is coordinating with Iranian officials to guarantee that the Filipino sailor, who was among the 23 crew members of a British-flagged ship confiscated by Iran on Friday night, is safe and immediately released. MT Stena Impero was seized during the transit of the Strait of Hormuz by the Iranian authorities on the afternoon of July 19. Iran said the petroleum tanker registered in the United Kingdom was


A person suspected of torching an animation studio in western Japan screamed he’d been plagiarized and seemed to have planned the attack, media said Friday after a blaze that murdered 33 individuals in Japan’s worst mass murder in two centuries. The 41-year-old guy seemed to be unhappy, he seemed to get upset, shouting something about how he had been plagiarized. Before dousing the entrance to Kyoto Animation headquarters with what

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The National Weather Service has advised that dangerously warm temperatures are scheduled for Wednesday throughout the Central and Easter United States, with temperatures above 100 degree Celsius (approx. 38 degrees Celsius) in most hit parts of the country. In many locations, temperatures are anticipated to stay in the 80% even when the sun falls beneath the horizon. All those who live in the region, stretching through Iowa, Missouri and southern

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U.S. According to an inner document received by Reuters on Tuesday, President Donald Trump’s administration intends to divert more than $40 million in humanitarian aid to Central America to promote the U.S.-backed opposition in Venezuela. The $41.9 million was earmarked for Guatemala and Honduras, two of the three Central American countries at the core of a migration crisis in which thousands of individuals escaped poverty, violence and corruption and tried


An undersea earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 hit south of Indonesia’s Bali. the European Earthquake Monitoring Agency EMSC stated that it causes some inhabitants and tourists on the tourist island to rush out of houses briefly. There were no instant reports of harm or injury from the quake and there was no tsunami warning given by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center based in Hawaii. The epicenter was 102 km


India dramatically cancelled the launch of a rocket aimed at landing a probe on the Moon less than an hour before the blast-off due to a technical issue. India intends the Chandrayaan-2— or Moon Chariot 2— mission to make it the fourth nation after Russia, the United States, and China to land a ship on the lunar surface. Countdown at the Satish Dhawan Space Center was halted 56 minutes and


Britain has said that they will be sending a second warship to the Gulf while raising the alert level in the region. Tension has been spiking up after Iranian gunboats threatened a UK supertanker. US President Donald Trump has been actively voicing out Iran over news  about Iran’s nuclear program and its alleged support for terror groups in the Middle East. Trump further warns Iran to be “careful.” Two of

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The nominee to become chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, said Washington is setting up a coalition to provide military escort, naval escort for business shipping. The Pentagon said it was debating military escorts for ships in the Gulf on July 11, one day after armed Iranian ships threatened a British oil tanker. The White House nominee to become chairman of the Joint Staff Chiefs,