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US fast-food chain Burger King launched its meatless burger in Europe on Tuesday, November 12, aiming to grab a large slice of a rising market. Following trials in the United States and Sweden, the vegetarian version of the prime “Whopper” hamburger will be added to the menu in 25 countries and 2,500 restaurants It’s Europe’s biggest product release ever. We’re seeing the potential for this to be a rising category


A match-stick-sized implant could revolutionize HIV prevention systems after early studies indicated that the device could prevent individuals at risk from contracting the virus for up to one year at a moment, a fresh study on Tuesday showed. Unveiling their results from a clinical trial at Mexico City’s 10th annual meeting of the International AIDS Society, designers said the device could eventually give a new approval to HIV suspension. It


Huawei may still face an uncertain future over its access to licensed variants of Android and Windows operating systems, but it has been busy preparing in-house substitutes in case the tide turns against its favor. Now, the world’s second largest phone maker has filed a trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, attempting to register the name “Harmony” for its mobile and operating systems. The request is dated