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Amid the country’s recent calamities, detained Senator Leila de Lima has lodged a bill that aims to give disaster service volunteers a 15-day paid work leave within one year. By Senate Bill No. 1284, eligible disaster response volunteers are required to be paid for their regular pay rate for normal hours of work during their absence due to voluntary service. The leave will, however, be subject to approval by the

De Lima

In addition, De Lima said that with helping Matobato file the charges there was “nothing illegal or wrong.” Matobato, an alleged member of the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS), with former Davao City cop Arturo Lascañas, who previously testified that several Davao killings were the responsibility of the death squad. Likewise, De Lima slammed Sabio, saying he lost conviction due to his decision to withdraw his case against President Rodrigo

Senator Richard Durbin

U.S. Senator Richard Durbin reiterated his call for the Duterte administration to release opposition senator Leila De Lima from her three-year detention, stating that this was an important test of whether President Rodrigo Duterte complied with democratic norms. In a speech on the floor of the Senate, Durbin urged the Philippine government to give De Lima a “fair and credible” trial rather than “threatening” the travel of the Filipino-Americans with


The National Investigation Bureau detained Friday Sen. Leila De Lima’s supposed nephew and former assistant, her co-accusedin 2 drug instances, his lawyer said after 2 years in hiding. His lawyer Raymund Palad said Jose Adrian Dera, who supposedly conspired with De Lima to sell illegal drugs at Muntinlupa’s domestic penitentiary, was detained in his Pampanga province home. Dera was also charged with orchestrating the detention of the latter’s daughter on


Two magistrates granted Senator Leila de Lima’s application to visit her ailing mother. The opposition politician was permitted to leave her prison cell from Aug. 14 to 15, but according to distinct instructions from the Muntinlupa Regional TrialCourt Branches 205 and 256, she should be back in Camp Crame on or before Aug 16. Branch 205 Judge Liezel Aquiatan and Branch 256 Judge General Gito granted De Lima’s application on


President Rodrigo Duterte considers no issue with the furlough request made by Sen. Leila de Lima to visit her ailing mother, his former personal assistant Sen. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go said Tuesday.   “President Rodrigo Duterte said he would have no objection if the judiciary allowed Sen. Leila de Lima to see her mother,” Go’s office said in a declaration. Raymond Baguilat, a lawyer from De Lima, said previously that

Leila De Lima

Opposition Senator Leila de Lima accused the administration using Vice President as a “scapegoat” and the threat of impeachment against her as a “diversionary tactic” to cover up the guilt of President Rodrigo Duterte. The former senator said that presidential anti-corruption commissioner Manuelito Luna was only attempting to gain the president’s brownie points when he (Luna) issued the impeachment threat against Robredo. Calling for the Vice President’s impeachment is also