PAMPANGA – Police authorities raided a makeshift medical facility for Chinese Covid-19 patients on Wednesday. The joint operation arrested two Chinese nationals who were operating the facility. Ling Hu, 45, the apparent owner of the outfit, and pharmacist Seung-Hyun Lee, 38 were taken in for questioning for the alleged illegal medical operation at the Fontana Leisure Park inside the government-operated Clark Freeport Zone in the town of Mabalacat. “This illegal


MANILA, Philippines – The government has allowed Philippine offshore gaming operators (POGOs) to resume partial operations amid the enforcement of community quarantine to curb the spread of the virus. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) Chairman Andrea Domingo said that licensed POGOs but will be subjected to stringent conditions. They will also impose safety protocols to ensure that their employees would be protected from infections and to prevent any

303 Chinese tourists under Boracay surveillance

More than 300 Chinese tourists currently checked into various Boracay resorts on Thursday were monitored as a precautionary measure against the spread of the novel coronavirus (nCoV), according to the Malay Task Force Against 2019 -nCoV. Barangay Emergency Health Response Teams are on the lookout as hotels and resorts are provided with guidelines for handling tourists under surveillance. None of the Chinese nationals under surveillance showed symptoms such as fever,

Kalibo International Airport

There are no flights to Kalibo International Airport in Kalibo to and from China. Kalibo is the main gateway to the well-known island. As a result, Chinese tourists, who used to make up the majority of foreign visitors to Boracay, according to the Municipal Office of Tourism, are eight islanders like tricycle drivers, saw their revenue decline by almost half. Although nCoV is considered a public health emergency, there are

Hong Kong

An international group of experts appointed to counsel Hong Kong police watchdog on its handling of massive pro-democracy protests revealed they were leaving Wednesday, December 11, in a significant setback to the government. The step came a month after the group’s leaked statement revealed that they thought the police watchdog of the city was not prepared to conduct a proper investigation. They proposed instead that a completely independent investigation would

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China’s Hong Kong affairs department condemned what it called “near-terrorist acts” at Hong Kong airport and reiterated support for local authorities to heavily punish those involved in the Chinese-controlled town in the midst of an escalating crisis. In a declaration published on Wednesday, the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office also highly condemned assaults by what it said were violent demonstrators against a reporter from China’s Global Times newspaper and


MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Armed Forces (AFP) said that there was “duplicity” when Chinese submarines lately passed through Philippine waters without notice to the government and switched off with their automatic identification systems (AIS).   We did not observe anything because our radars were unable to detect them because, as we said, duplicity was accomplished because they switched off their vessel identification systems.Brigadier General Edgard Arevalo, spokesman for the


Asian stocks pushed higher on Wednesday amid advances in the Sino-US trade saga, while the dollar reached double-month highs on the euro as investors wagered on a dovish result from the forthcoming policy conference of the European Central Bank. A Bloomberg study assisted the sentiment that US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer would travel to Shanghai next week for conferences with the Chinese office. Economic consultant to the White House Larry

Xi Jinping

China does not have the West Philippine Sea (WPS), said Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio. In a statement to President Rodrigo Duterte’s fourth State of the Nation Address Monday, the senior judge said China had seven characteristics in the Spratlys plus Scarborough Shoal. He added that China also confiscated Sandy Cay from the Philippines during the Duterte administration. But even when taken together, the region of these geological

sea in boat

MANILA, Philippines – The United States Coast Guard is monitoring disturbances by the Chinese militia in the South China Sea, an official stated on Tuesday, June 11. US Coast Guard Pacific Area Commander Vice Admiral Linda Fagan said in a teleconference, calling from their headquarters in Alameda, California, “We have been following the militia and some of the activity.” The response came after an increased frequency of sightings of Chinese