In an attempt to attract more visitors to this island province, the provincial government initiated an annual dive festival that will last until August 31, 2019. The dive festival is component of the viable tourism drive of the Local Government Unit through its four main topics: volcano tourism, heritage tourism, farm and ecotourism, and dive tourism. Camigun has around 30 dive sites scattered throughout the island’s provincial waters. This small

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CAMIGUIN, Northern Mindanao — On attracting the growing dive tourism market, the first-ever dive festival in the south has been started in Camiguin, the northern tip of Mindanao, signifying the province and the region’s readiness to accommodate divers. Bo Mancao, a Cebu-based international dive photographer, noted “a couple more years” and the volcanic island could position itself as a “top diving destination in Asia.” Mancao added on the sidelines of