Taal Volcano is Still Dangerous

Taal Volcano

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) stated that there’s still a 30 percent chance of a major eruption in the Taal Volcano.

PHIVOLCS Advertising Officer-in-Charge Undersecretary Renato Solidum explained during a press conference that the experts arrived at the figure after a number of scientific considerations had been taken into account.

On the Taal Volcano, reduced emissions of sulfur dioxide and fewer volcanic earthquakes were observed from Thursday.

Nonetheless, the 30 percent likelihood remains “high” particularly for those in high-risk areas within the 14-kilometer radius from the main crater at Taal Volcano. The vulnerable people should not be letting their guard down.

According to PHIVOLCS Volcano Monitoring and Eruption Prediction Division leader Mariton Bornas, when Taal Volcano initially roared more than a week ago, the likelihood of having a major eruption was as high as 70 percent.

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