SSS chief Dooc steps down as term expires due to new Social Security Act

SSS chief Dooc steps down as term expires due to new Social Security Act

“Actually, the correct term is I stepped down because I’ve been appointed under the old SS law. So, my term of office has expired with the new SS law,” said Emmanuel Dooc told over a phone interview that he has resigned as president and chief executive of the Social Security System (SSS) officer last Wednesday.

“In view of the effectivity of the SS Act of 2018, I wrote a letter to the President, I said that I am voluntarily and irrevocably stepping down from my position as president and chief executive officer of SSS as well as being the vice chair of the SS Commission effective immediately,” he added.

With his resignation, Dooc wants to give President Rodrigo Duterte a “freehand” to assign a successor who shall implement the new SSS Charter that took effect on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.

Duterte signed into law SS Act of 2018 last February 15, refurbishing the charter of the SSS. As the new law rescinds the old Social Security law and expands the powers of the SSS to ensure its long-term viability.

Under the SSS Rationalization Act, the SSS is permissible to regulate the salary credit and monthly contributions of members, which would now allow the commission higher contributions based on actuarial survey. Added to that, provisions for mandatory SSS coverage for overseas Filipino workers, so long as they are not over 60 years of age, and the power of the SSS Commission to surge benefits, overlook penalties, and rationalize investments.

Dooc said his resignation is essential to ensure the smooth reorganization of the SSS.

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