South Korea to make visa applications for Pinoys easier


South Korean government plans to make its country more accessible to Filipino tourists by making applications for visa easier, a South Korean envoy stated on Sunday.

The Philippines and South Korea are celebrating 70 years of diplomatic ties, which dates back when the former pledged to deploy Filipino soldiers to help in the Korean War.

At the celebration held at Quirino Grandstand earlier on Sunday, Korean Ambassador to the Philippines Han Dong-Man stated that the two countries are hoping to forge closer diplomatic ties by instituting a free trade agreement seen to boost the economy.

“Many Koreans love the Philippines…. In particular, the Filipinos are very friendly and very hospitable. That’s why 1.6 million Koreans visited this wonderful country,” Han stated.

Han also vowed to bring up to 2 million Filipino tourists to South Korea by granting them multiple-entry visas.

“For qualified people such the business people, media people of course, and government officers, we give them a multiple visa at least five years or 10 years with one single document saying that I’m working in this company,” Han stated.

“Any Filipino for visit to Korea [will be] entitled to get multiple-entry visa. Among the ASEAN countries, Philippines only is the country to be allowed of multiple-entry visa,” he concluded.

Finishing the celebration was a parade held at the grands of Quirino Grandstand, along with cultural exchange activities between the Filipinos and Koreans.

Pink Fantasy and M.Fect are Kpop artists who performed during the celebration.

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