Sotto to those tagged in oust-Duterte matrix: Brush it off, don’t be sensitive

Tito Sotto

Vicente “Tito” Sotto III Senate President of the Philippines on Thursday stated that Malacañang and several tagged in the hypothetical oust-Duterte matrix should have not made a big deal out of a “piece of paper.”

“You can come up with any matrix that you want. It’s a piece of paper, it does not mean a thing. Pinapatulan kasi (It’s being made a big deal). You should have dismissed it e,” Sotto stated.

Sotto added that personalities named in the supposed conspiracy to oust President Rodrigo Duterte should just “brush it off.”

Mentioning to those who have cried foul and denied their involvement in efforts to destabilize the government, he exclaimed, “Masyado silang balat sibuyas (They are too onion-skinned).”

For those several who were tagged, nevertheless, consider the matrix as a threat to life.

Veteran journalist and VERA Files President Ellen Tordesillas stated that it worries her that Malacañang’s “irresponsible” exposé would place harm to individuals named to danger. Olympian weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz similarly stated she fears for her and her family’s life now.

Political and media personalities, journalists and news organizations, and private individuals were put in the matrix presented by Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo in a Palace briefing on Wednesday. Panelo stated the President ordered him to make it public, yet said he did not know the sources of the intelligence information.

Sotto canned the matrix as a list of those who “dislike” the President, but stressed this does not mean they are conniving to overthrow the government.

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