Solenn claims she almost gave birth to five months after complications

Solenn claims

Solenn Heusaff is a new mom and her firstborn, Thylane Katana, has just arrived on January 1st.

On Solenn’s and her husband Nico Bolzico’s Instagram posts, it might seem like pregnancy has been all kinds of awesome.

But on the recent vlog post of the Kapuso actress, Solenn revealed that she had to go through a lot of complications, including almost giving birth to only her fifth month.

At first, Solenn said she was fine for the first four months of her pregnancy. She said she had “the easiest pregnancy ever” with no morning sickness, no cravings and no mood swings.

Yet when she was five months old, she found out that their child was just in the tenth percentile.

Apart from that, Solenn said that she was always susceptible to the antiphospholipid syndrome, which is a disease of the immune system.

According to the Health Encyclopedia of the University of Rochester Medical Center, this condition happens when one’s immune system battles against normal cells.

In this condition, the body makes antibodies that attack cell phospholipids. This condition causes many problems, such as making blood clots too easily and often causes thrombosis, even miscarriage.

In the video, Solenn revealed that she had bruises across her stomach and back. She said she was given shots or blood fillers.

With the help of the medication and its 3000-calorie diet, their child was up to 30 percentile. But there was no end to her complications.

Solenn also had placental calcification, which is a gradual formation of calcium deposition indents within the placenta. In case the baby needs to come out earlier, she also underwent intralipid infusion.

Nonetheless, Solenn was grateful that she had nine friends who were pregnant, too, and who were going through the same thing as her. for the birth of Solenn.

Solenn and Nico, who were married in 2016, revealed they were expecting a child last August.

At the end of the video, Solenn was emotional and said, “It’s been a long, long journey and I’m so glad that I’m finally at the end.” Snippets of her casual barbecue baby shower and her Vogue-inspired maternity photoshoot were also shown in the video.

Solenn also shared her baby’s room, which had a green wallpaper and was very homey.

Solenn finally gave birth to her baby girl, Thylane Katana.

The family spent New Year’s Eve at the St. Luke Medical Center preparing

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