Several wounded in LPG blast in Manila


MANILA — Around 7 individuals were reportedly wounded in a blast caused by a gas leak at an establishment in Sampaloc, Manila on Sunday morning.

Video of the incident showed a fiery explosion in front of the water refilling station along with some bystanders getting caught in the blast.

Investigators stated that an LPG tank leaked and caused the explosion at a tea house adjacent to a water refilling station along Gastambide Street, Barangay 400 in Sampaloc, Manila.

Staff Sgt. Aaron Cortez of the police earlier stated the victims sustained minor injuries and were immediately brought to the hospital.

Some vehicles parked near the 2 establishments were also damaged due to the explosion. The blast also cracked glass panels at a hospital in front of the 2 establishments.

Manila Police District’s explosive and ordnance division personnel came to the scene for further investigation.

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