Senator Bong Go is offering to mediate in a dispute between PhilHealth, private hospitals

This image is about Senator Christopher Lawrence

Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Open to serve as a mediator between PhilHealth and the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PHAPi), which threatened to close their accreditation next year due to unpaid claims amounting to P2.5 billion.

PhilHealth said they wanted to make sure that PHAPI’s allegations were not rejected. We called on the party to collaborate in the settlement of unpaid accounts.

They also told PHAPi that their issues would be addressed and that their regional office officials would have to sit down with hospital managers to settle claims.

PhilHealth added that they will also host quarterly local “reach-out” meetings for different hospitals where they can address their concerns.

Senator Go added that it is important to ensure that PhilHealth funds are used appropriately for patients in need of medical attention.

Last October 21, PHAPi published in a newspaper a letter to Morales citing incidents in which the state health insurer withdrew the accreditation of certain hospitals for unclear reasons.

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