Saudi king warns attacks could threaten oil supplies

Ibn Saud

MECCA, Saudi Arabia – King Salman of Saudi Arabia on Saturday warned that “terrorist” attacks in the region could imperil global oil supplies.

The king said in a meeting, “We confirm that terrorist actions not only target the kingdom and the Gulf region, but also target the safety of navigation and world oil supplies,” The meeting was the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in the holy city of Mecca.

King Salman has called on Gulf and Arab leaders to confront Iran’s “criminal acts” after sabotage attacks damaged four vessels, two of them Saudi oil tankers, in the Sea of Oman and twin Yemeni rebel drone attacks shut down a key Saudi oil pipeline.

King Salman earlier posted on Twitter just before the start of the OIC summit, “We will resolutely confront aggressive threats and subversive activities.”

Aimed at galvanizing support among Arab and Islamic nations against arch-rival Iran, the OIC meeting is the third and final summit hosted by Saudi Arabia this week.

Gulf and Arab allies rallied around Saudi Arabia in the first two summits on Friday as it ratcheted up tensions with Iran.

Tehran expressed disappointment that Riyadh plans to level the same “baseless accusations” at the summit of the 57-member OIC. Tehran strongly denied involvement in any of the attacks.

OIC Secretary-General Yousef bin Ahmed al-Othaimeen stated, “Undermining the security of the kingdom effectively undermines the security of the Arab and Islamic world, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation calls for a position on the attacks on the kingdom.”

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