Samsung announces that Galaxy Fold will be launched in September


Samsung Electronics said it will release its first foldable Galaxy Fold smartphone in September, three months after the launch was postponed owing to defects in the screen.

Samsung said the top protective layer of the foldable display was extended beyond the bezel to fix the problems, making it apparent that it is an integral part of the display structure and is not intended to be removed

The Galaxy Fold also features extra enhancements to better safeguard the device from external particles while preserving the foldable experience of its signature.

With new protective caps, the top and bottom of the hinge area were reinforced, while additional metal layers below the display were included to reinforce the protection of the bendable display. The space between Galaxy Fold’s hinge and body was also reduced.

We took time to fully assess the design of the item, make needed improvements and conduct rigorous trials to validate the modifications we made, “the firm said in a declaration.

Samsung also worked continually to enhance the general Galaxy Fold user experience along with these changes, including optimizing more applications and services for its distinctive foldable UX.

The tech giant said it is conducting final product testing to make Galaxy Fold accessible to customers in select markets from September onwards.


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