Robredo says illegal drugs a ‘big problem’ in Bicol

This image is about illegal drugs a ‘big problem’ in Bicol

Saturday, Vice President Leni Robredo said illegal drugs in her home province of Bicol was “one of the big issues.”

Robredo, the co-chair of the anti-illegal drugs inter-agency committee, cited details from her tenure in Congress when she served as chair of the national advisory board of police.

Illegal drugs are really one of the big issues. The transshipment area in Naga, Legazpi, in particular. These are big cities, so the problem is huge here.

The Vice President said she needs an update now that she is co-chair of ICAD.

What I don’t know is whether after the campaign it became bigger or smaller because I wasn’t part of it. I looked in an outsider.

That’s what I want to say now that I’m part of it.

Earlier, President Rodrigo Duterte alleged that Robredo’s Naga City was a “hotbed of shabu.” Vice President Rodrigo Duterte said the statement was a “great insult” and called for an investigation, while the city government expressed outrage.

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