Print reporter of the Supreme Court ‘ seriously reprimands ‘ over 2016 bribe the post

This image is about Print reporter of the Supreme Court

Manila Times senior journalist Jomar Canlas has been reprimanded by the Supreme Court for a 2016 story on the alleged attempt to bribe high court judges.

The court decided to reproach Mr. Jomar Canlas unanimously and issue a strong warning for a news report he wrote about the court’s decision on Sen. Grace Poe’s citizenship.

Canlas wrote about the alleged P50-million per justice bribe offer allegedly made by people “very close” to the governing party, the Liberal Party (LP), in an article published on March 8, 2016.

The article by Canlas attributed the story to several sources and was published on the front page of the newspaper as a headline story. The article said several judges refused the alleged bid, but how many and who were the judges was not stated.

On March 8, the high court ruled on Poe’s case, upholding her credentials to run for president in the May elections and lifting the Commission on Elections ‘ disqualification.

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