Portable filtration system turns murky water into safe drinking water for victims of quake

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With local water districts ‘ pipes and water sources damaged and considered unusable by landslides, earthquake survivors in this city and nearby towns are left without a steady supply of water.

Many rely on roving water tankers, some from other provinces in Mindanao.

To help address this problem, the Red Cross sent its portable water filtration system to Kidapawan City to turn the murky water of the river into drinking water.

The same water filtration device was used in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda and during the Marawi siege.

Estor clarified that the water from the river is undergoing a five-stage filtration and purification process.

During the first two stages, the soil is filtered and removed from the water. This goes through a sand filter and then a carbon filter to get rid of more dust and smell. Lastly, a small amount of chlorine is injected to disinfect the water.

Estor said that the process is similar to that used by water districts to source water from rivers and springs.

Red Cross is hoping to get a signal from the water district on Monday so that they can start distributing the water to the affected residents.

No water supply for residents in parts of quake-hit Cotabato as pipes, dams damaged The Kidapawan Metro Water District would take a few months for the water supply to normalize in Kidapawan City and other municipalities like Makilala.

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