Pinoy winner in the photography contest EyeEm 2019 in Germany

This image is about EyeEm 2019 in Germany

Philippine photographer Marlon Villaverde from Lucban, Quezon won the 2019 EyeEm Awards for his “Mahal na Senyor” or “Photo of the Dead Jesus” image.

The EyeEm Awards is considered the largest photography exhibition in the world, entered by nearly one million photographers from several parts of the world this year.

For EyeEm 2019, photographers – pro or non-pro – are allowed to submit entries in 10 categories, including: the mobile photographer, the tourist, the street photographer, the great outdoors, the minimalist, the portraitist, the artist, the artistic, the foodie, and the photojournalist.

Marlon said his winning photograph was taken in Lucban, Quezon during a procession of the image of the “Mahal na Senyor” (or image of the deceased Christ) on a Good Friday of the Catholic custom of the Lenten.

He said his victory was one major day in his life that he would never forget, adding that he gave his victory for his city and the country as a whole.

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