Pinoy dessert brand Maxi Mango is opening in Singapore


Maxi Mango definitely has come a long way. The dessert brand, which for its deceptively easy yet oddly addictive mango float became a enormous hit in the Philippines, recently opened its first branch in Singapore.

Owner Miki Arceo-Velasquez, a former housewife in the reality show “Pinoy Big Brother,” launched their Maxi Mango shop at the Capitol Piazza shopping mall last August 2.

Curious clients flocked to the stall to get a taste of desserts produced from Philippine mangoes, with prices beginning at S$4.90 (around P184.58) per cup.

In a past interview, Arceo-Velasquez said she and her husband took the “costly danger” of bringing Maxi Mango to Manila clients after setting up a few shops in Davao because they believed in their products.

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