Piñol requires the oath that Mindanao is not the head of the organization

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Former Secretary of Agriculture Manny Piñol took his oath as the new chairperson of the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) on Wednesday.

Piñol said his new position requires him to “multi-task” on agriculture, trade, trade, international relations, and even safety issues.President Rodrigo Duterte said previously that he wished Piñol to lead the Mindanao development agency because he understands the region’s terrain. Piñol will be chairing MinDA for 6 years.

Piñol also thanked his ancient department and its stakeholders and appealed for comprehension, stating that his new position was in the agriculture department’s “best interest” because of the issues he encountered in guiding the agency.

William Dar succeeded Piñol as the Department of Agriculture’s acting secretary.

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