Pinay Mother of Gunned Down CA Man Calling for Justice


MILPITAS, CA — Madonna Simmons still has no idea why her son — 30-year-old Matthew Rios — was killed Monday night on his way home from work.

“I’m going to miss my son too much because every day he always tells me when I wake up, before he goes he says ingat ka, para ate mahalmahal kita — every day there’s not even one day that he missed to say that — and I’m going to miss that.”

It’s been four days since the incident — Simmons says there is still no update in her son’s case. As each day goes by — she continues to struggle with her loss.

She is hoping for justice, “I want this guy to be prosecuted. I want him to get caught. I want him to be put away. If he doesn’t get caught, I want him to answer to God why he did this to my son.”

Rios’ death is one of three incidents of freeway shootings in the South Bay this week, according to the California Highway Patrol. Two reports arrived Tuesday night.

Upon arriving home, a driver traveling in the Los Gatos, San Jose area found what appears to be a bullet hole in his car.

That same evening, CHP responded to a reported shooting on i-680 that left a 12-year-old girl with injuries due to shattered glass after bullets tore through the windows.

Police have recovered a bullet and that it was a passenger within a white car that had the weapon.

Simmons says she does not want any other family to go through her pain, “All these things that are happening out there this is really crazy. This is a nightmare for everybody. Whatever these people are doing they’re sick in their mind. It’s sickening. All these things about guns. This needs to stop.”

Simmons immigrated to the U.S. in 1979 and raised Rios on her own since he was a child. She adds that her son had plans to marry his girlfriend from the Philippines next year.

Those plans have now shifted to funeral arrangements.

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