PHIVOLCS launches a web app that highlights areas of tsunami risk

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The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) unveiled a website application that calculates the risk of tsunami in a region.

On November 5, World Tsunami Awareness Day, the GeoAnalyticsPH was launched.

Presented by GeoRisk Philippines ‘ Mabelline Cahulogan, the website provides summary reports of the barangay, municipal and provincial tsunami exposure levels across the country.

The app estimates the population of the region exposed to tsunami threats, as well as the potential tsunami heights with their corresponding number of people affected in the event of a disaster.

It also offers information on the population vulnerable to a tsunami, such as age group and gender.

Cahulogan said the website application is intended to be the primary source of information for accurate and active danger and risk assessment to assist local and national governments in handling disasters.

Through this request, policy planners and decision-makers can now estimate the scale of the resources they need and the types of projects that should be worked on in a particular area in anticipation of a potential tsunami.

On, GeoAnalyticsPH will be available.

In July, as part of government disaster risk reduction measures, HazardHunterPH, a software that can identify natural hazards from a given location, was also introduced.

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