“Philippine General Hospital Hits Maximum Bed Capacity for COVID-19 Patients”


Philippine General Hospital (PGH) has attained COVID-19 capability in Manila but maintains it is not overloaded. Dr. Jonas del Rosario, the PGH spokesman, said Thursday that there are actually 172 COVID-19 patients at the facility, including 145 reported instances. The others are suspicious vectors of the latest COVID-19-causing coronavirus.

He added that their bed condition is full on top of that. They even want to presume they have 172 now but they could have 150 only as they will potentially take some patients home. Del Rosario said that 80 percent of COVID-19 patients in hospitals come from mild to severe conditions, “which ensures they will heal and be returned home.

He related the spike in cases to expanded research and loosening controls on coronavirus to restart the economy.

In view of this, Metro Manila hospitals were instructed by the Department of Health ( DOH) on Monday to meet the 30 percent capacity requirement and be prepared to add 20 percent more in the coming days as coronavirus infections hit record highs.

The DOH recorded another 1,395 infections, taking the national total to 51,754. For the number, 37,627 were active incidents, which Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said on Wednesday was what the government now needed to focus on the current case monitoring framework.

Roque said that nonactive events are of little interest. For the increased cases identified on Thursday, 1,184 were fresh or patients in the last three days that tested positive for the latest coronavirus, and 211 were late, or patients that tested positive four days old or older.

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