PDEA: Re-validation of narco-list not yet done

PDEA: Re-validation of narco-list not yet done

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Chief Aaron Aquino told he was instructed to release the list of politicians who are benefactors of funds from illegal narcotics but did not follow through with the order as re-validating is not yet complete.

“As of now, there is an instruction for PDEA to disclose list. I can’t do it right now because we haven’t finished the re-validation of the narco-politicians,” Aquino stated while in a meeting with the DILG and Dangerous Drugs Board last Monday, March 4th.

Aquino stated there are 82 politicians on the list and 64 of them sought re-election in the midterm polls. He added that the number may go up after the validation.

Aquino echoed his stand that he is not at all on favor of delivering such list preceding to re-validation as it would be unfair, he says, for those in the list.

He held if they will be able to obtain solid pieces of evidence against the politicians and directly file charges against them, that would be of value. He noted that building cases against the politicians will not be an easy undertaking.

Aquino mentioned the DILG is preparing to press charges against some of those in the list. However, he will later reveal the names if the President instructs him to publicize the list.

Earlier this week, President spokesperson Salvador Panelo said Duterte has greenlit release of the narco list. COMELEC Commissioner Rowena Guanzon stated having such list publicly may result in a sea of negative campaigning.

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