PBA: Jones gets the last laugh over “funny guy” Calvin

Calvin Abueva

Events almost got way out of hand Sunday in the 2019 PBA Commissioner’s Cup between TNT and Phoenix.

With an already-heated game that reached a boiling point in the middle of the fourth quarter, and Calvin Abueva literally clotheslined TNT import Terrence Jones.

Jones snapped for a moment and tried to go after Calvin for a brawl. Cooler heads managed to keep the two away from each other and things fortunately didn’t escalate further. It could have been easily one of the uglier scenes in the league for quite a while.

Jones, who ended with 40 points to lead TNT to a convincing win, didn’t even have an idea who in the world Abueva was. Terrence just says his new rival was “funny” and “lucky” all at the same time.

“Who’s that?” Jones stated when asked what he thought about Calvin.

“He’s a funny guy. He likes to get the crowd involved. I like the entertainment part of it, but he’s lucky his teammates got him away from me. Besides that, the game’s fun and I enjoyed getting the win,” he added.

Jones cites that it’s important to keep his composure and not get affected by cheap shots and actual wrestling moves with teams going after him. He’s learning on the job on how to deal with it.

“Like I said, it’s been happening to me all season. Coach has been talking to me about staying focused on the plays and not letting that get to me,” Jones added.

“It’s a lot of cheap shots and guys trying to get a reaction from me since they saw it work two games ago. I’m just trying to make sure I’m keeping my composure,” he concluded.

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